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European Business Association, Ukraine
The European Business Association (EBA) was established in 1999 as a forum for discussion and resolution of problems facing the private sector in Ukraine. This initiative of business people who saw advantages and benefits in the European business community acting together was supported by the European Commission.

At present the EBA - the premier organization for foreign business in Ukraine - brings together over 750 European, including national and international companies.

Company site: www.eba.com.ua

With a lot of gratitude I would like to point out a very professional work of Andrei Mudrievsky. We would always get the high-quality and fast service and a very attentive treatment no matter which unusual requests and demands we had in any areas, such as a professional translation and interpretation; arranging visits and business negotiations with VIP guests; provision of special prices for travel, flights and hotels.

Irina Konovalova, Regional Manager for Eastern Ukraine.