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Defense for Children International, the Netherlands
Defence for Children International the Netherlands promotes the rights of the child in the Netherlands and worldwide. Defence for Children International provides information on the rights of children and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, investigates violations of these rights, and protects the collective and individual interests of children. Defence for Children International provides counsel and takes direct action on behalf of children whose rights are violated.

Site company: www.defenceforchildren.nl

Since 2007 I’ve been in two projects with Andrei and Vladimir Mudrievsky as translators.

I’ve seen them working in various situations:

1. At kick-off conferences, translating simultaneously.
2. At working-group-meetings, taking turns in translating.
3. During training-sessions, working alone or together.
4. During study-visits in the Netherlands and in institutions in Ukraine.

A highlight for me was the moment that Andrei and Vladimir translated an English-spoken video-recording simultaneously! They can translate for hours at a stretch and their work doesn’t stop during lunchtime and coffee-breaks. They are always willing to help with text and ideas for translating during a training-session.

Accept for the fact that they have a broad experience and interest for what’s going on in the world, they are capable interpreters. And above all: they are very nice people to work with.

Conclusion: these brothers deliver something special!

Erica Bos, coordinator training and education.

Youthcare and Probation Service,
Part of the Dutch Salvation Army
Utrecht, The Netherlands