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Profiles, Magazine De Luxe, Ukraine
Life-style journal, which covers all aspects of life. In its exclusive materials, the magazine will never place skin-deep analysis or short-sighted views. Profiles makes a “longitudinal cut” of each topic and therefore looks right into the real essence of the issue. Profiles is a magazine without political scandals. Contributing to this journal are both professional journalists, working devotedly each on their own topic, and people not connected to journalism, but owing to their intellect and professional experience in certain area, creating unique materials.

Company site: www.profilesmagazine.net

Professional translator and a perfect organizer Andrei Mudrievsky is a true VIRTUOSO!

In Feb 2010 Lamvia Interbuilding construction company announced tender for the international promotion of Koumasia de luxe complex. By the end of March, the competition among creators was won by Studio Mira Agni ® (Ukraine). It was our day then! And after celebration followed the understanding of a huge English document turnover, and as usual in the shortest timeframe.

We urgently needed smart business solutions, which VIRTUOZO found for us. Our friend Andrei Mudrievsky in the shortest period of time produced all the necessary documents. With the same speed and on a high professional level (as was commented by our Cyprus partners) he made an English translation. When the new job came around – to translate texts for the website, brochure and other materials, we had no doubt who to ask for help – VIRTUOZO.

Andrei Trilev, the founder of the Profiles magazine.