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We care about you. DNK Magazine Winter / Spring 2007
Sunday, 01 April 2007 14:32
In a few recent years I have noticed a new remarkable tendency in the way how respected brands present themselves to the public. The themes of care, affection and gratitude to clients become more and more articulated. Various companies turn to the use of pro-human values in advertising messages.

The leading national Ukrainian mobile network Kyivstar uses the message "Thinking about you". Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in Ukraine, UkrExImBank is telling us about "15 years of respect". And check this one out – Nadra Bank of Ukraine – their most recent motto has become, "They are trying hard for me". Their website www.nadra.com.ua simply moves you! Instead of usual items read this in their menu of financial services: "I can stop worrying!", "Everything will work out for me!", "I feel supported!"

In 2006, Dnepropetrovsk office of Austrian Airlines (Motto: "fly with friends") jointly with a unique health care center Tsunami ("Art of healthy life") and international foreign language training center International House ("The place to be") ran two promotions for their clients. The first one, "We wish you happiness!" touched such important aspects of being as health, freedom to communicate and travel. The second one, "10 years with friends" was absolutely unlike a classical raffle. In it, the partners presented the clients with nice gifts at the time of purchase of Austrian Airlines tickets to certain destinations.

So what’s going on? Is this just a new fad? Or a sign that proves that leading Ukrainian companies have realized what should be inside a true human relationship?

One Canadian businessman, running successful projects on the territory of Ukraine an Russia since Soviet times, used to say to his Ukrainian partners, "I am here to earn a dollar and help you make a dollar". It is so inspiring that such business philosophy is winning new supporters among Ukrainian firms.

It is even more important for the entrepreneurs to realize that ideas and ideals behind their business decisions should be aimed at promoting fairness and friendship. The income will come anyway. Nothing comes from nowhere and nothing disappears without a trace. We, the people and companies, are elements of a single chain. If a successful Dnepropetrovsk businessperson, what is now jokingly called "the owner of factories, newspapers and ships", also produces alcohol for mass consumption and still hopes to make a better world for his kids, he is without any doubt mistaken.

Many Ukrainian companies are involved in charities for many years. This deserves all kinds of praise, what remains to be desired is that the true meaning of this word – to make good – would become a new motivation for the leading Ukrainian firms. The peoples residing on the territory of the pre-Christian Rus could not be conquered by anyone, as inside their vision of life was morals and good. And the Soviet Union could withstand the perils of the second World War due to high levels of morals and dedication of the people. So, dear business people, if the future of Ukraine is something that you care for, please do try to choose business projects which would make the country stronger and the people happier.

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Author of the article - Andrew Mudrievsky. DNK Magazine Winter / Spring 2007