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The Ukraine And The Netherlands - Joint Activity On Juvenile Justice In The Period Of 2005-2008
Monday, 27 December 2010 17:57
Personal impressions from participation in the project:

Working in this project has been very interesting and meaningful for us, since before the implementation of this project, from our point of view, the juvenile justice had not virtually existed in our country, and we had not seen any difference in treatment of juvenile offenders from the side of all those specialists, working with them, compared to the treatment of «ordinary», adult criminals. At the initial stage of the work we have repeatedly seen cases of failure of representatives from the law enforcement agencies and prosecutor's office to understand the necessity to consider these juveniles not only as lawbreakers, but also as children, who have committed a wrongdoing, often without any understanding of what exactly they have done; the necessity to remember that even such child has certain rights in accordance with the Declaration on children rights; and the necessity to make all possible endeavors, irrespective of a specific field of the person's activities, to substitute this child's detention with certain kinds of punishment, not connected with the deprivation of liberty, because this road leads only to inculcation of criminal behavior and practices. Only during seminars and practical workshops, and very often - only with a helping hand of representatives of various Dutch agencies - their vision has started changing.

We believe that the implementation of this project has brought a number of invaluable benefits, giving rise to hopes that the attitude to this extremely important problem from the side of our society, as well as from the side of courts, the police, and the prosecutor's office, will nevertheless become softer and, in some time, will comply with internationally adopted norms and standards in this field. We are extremely grateful to the All-Ukrainian Foundation "Protection of children's rights" for its confidence in us and the granted possibility to make our own contribution, whatever insignificant it may be, into the achievement of this very noble goal.

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