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Многих ли нас с детства учили финансовой грамотности? Наверное, немногих. Да и кому это нужно? Лучше, чтобы народ бездумно ходил на работу, не задавая вопросы и не задумываюсь о будущем.
Airline tickets and tourism
Our professionals are happy to advise you on a proper tour operator or airline to suit best the needs and concept of your holiday or business trip.
Professional language support
Professional language support is a must if a company wants to do business with the outside world. We make high quality written translations in the shortest possible time from the majority of European languages into Russian or Ukrainian, and vice versa.
Brand Promotion
Our team has all the necessary leading-edge skills for brand promotion. You are welcome to request mass emailing from us, as we possess more than 1500 unique addresses. Or on the contrary, you may hire us to present your company or service to a strictly segmented circle of consumers. We can also arrange a meeting or presentation with your target audience.
Business Visits
Our team is composed of the professionals with a great deal of experience in the field of business event planning and implementation. Each client enjoys our full attention and all needs are taken care of to provide for the best management of an event.
Meetings And Events
We will assist you in organizing parties and corporate events for any occasion.
Real Estate
We will assist you in buying real estate in Cyprus, purchasing apartments in Spain, renting and buying villas in Turkey, Greece, England, France or Ukraine. Until recently, buying a house or apartments used to be more of an exception for the majority of Ukrainians rather than a rule.
Legal Services
We open companies and render legal support for your business activities.