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Legal Services
Virtuozo Legal Services
We open companies and render legal support for your business activities. Please turn to us for:
  • legal support for investments;
  • analysis and implementation of investment projects;
  • legal consulting of business projects for companies of various organizational and legal forms as well as individual entrepreneurs at all stages of their business activity, starting from the establishment of a company and ending with its liquidation;
  • legal assistance in resolution of arguments with banking institutions and insurance companies;
  • development and/or approval for financing schemes, legal support for concluding corresponding contracts;
  • consulting in financial services;
  • privatizing land for construction of housing as well as office, administrative, trading and warehousing facilities, placement of base stations for mobile phone networks and fueling stations;
  • arranging approvals for housing renovations, changing the status of land plots;
  • legal support for real estate deals.
Please also turn to us for consulting in any issues in the sphere of:
  • corporate governance, including joint stock law, civil law, anti-monopoly legislation, securities market;
  • legal expertise of ownership documents, forecast of possible legal risks, preparation of recommendations regarding liquidation of such risks;
  • legal and consultation work to help prevent unfriendly mergers and acquisitions of companies;
  • conducting comprehensive legal expertise and due diligence;
  • development of measures to help protect owner's rights;
  • conducting shareholder meetings of joint stock companies;
  • representation of shareholders' interests in conflict joint stock companies;
  • mergers and acquisitions (М&А agreements).