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Virtuozo Brand Promotion

We have reached a trusting relationship with many of our clients and partners throughout the years of cooperation, shown our professionalism and high level of responsibility. We therefore feel confident promoting successful brands to successful people.

We are members in a number of open and closed clubs and associations: Dnepropetrovsk Rotary Club member since 1999, the Board of the Ukrainian Business Club "Business class" as of 2008, our founder is the Chairman of the Board of the Dnepropetrovsk Branch of European Business Association as of 2010, member of the "Develop Your Business" club as of 2011, member of the Dnepropetrovsk City Coordination Council on the issues of development of entrepreneurship as of 2012.

Presently, our professionals are assisting a number of well-known companies in promoting their products. Our clients are: BDO, an international auditing and consulting group, International House, an international language center, UATOYS.com.ua, an internet-shop of toys for kids, MBA Center, business apartments in downtown Dnepropetrovsk, RESPECT project, 25th hour (www.25chas.dp.ua), the stylish event studio and a few others.

We can help you to develop a media plan, produce a trademark, book advertising space at special prices in the best print and outdoor media of Eastern Ukraine. We have an extensive experience in creation of loyalty programs and various actions.

Do contact us, we are open for cooperation!