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ROVESNIK – model choreographic ensemble, Ukraine
Young performers of the Rovesnik folk choreographic ensemble are well known and have received wide acclaim not only in Dnipropetrovs'k but far beyond the city's boundaries. Each performance of the company is a bright, cheerful and unforgettable show, a holiday both for the audience and young dancers.

Folk Dance group "Rovesnik" was founded in 1977. The Group has achieved great progress and now it is one of the best groups in Ukraine. The group was rewarded with many diplomas for creative work and a valuable contribution to national culture.

There are 150 dancers aged between 5 and 20. In repertoire of our group there are dances of different regions of Ukraine. Large dance compositions are dedicated to certain motifs, also there are the dances of various peoples of the world. Each age group has its own program which lasts for 1 hour, each dance has its national dress and followed by a phonogram. Very popular among the spectators are fiery Ukrainian dances: Gopak, Gutsulsky dance, Khlopchachi rozvagy, Veselycha, Rushniky, Yarmarka Zakarpatsky dance, Kazachok, Svystuny, Polka.

We won the second prize in the competitions in Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, UK 2001, and second prize in the competitions in Festival International de Musica de Cantonigros, Spain 2003. The Group has had a great success at International Festivals in Ukraine, Russia, North Cyprus, Poland, Macedonia and Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey. The Folk Dance Group "Rovesnik" is full of new ideas, creative quests. Its members are striving to convey to the audience the meaning of the wonderful and always young art of dancing.

We have a VCR cassettes and discs with the program of our Folk Dance Group.

For more infomation please refer to our website: www.rovesnik.square7.ch