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Andrii Mudriievskyi. A "bit" more than a translator.

Professionals will tell you that a quality translator is distinguished not only by a good knowledge of the basics of translation and the vocabulary of various topics. Life and business experience are also important, as well as the ability to make a new topic “their own” in the shortest possible time given for preparation.

Let’s get to know each other.

The path from winning the regional English language competition among special schools to accompanying top government officials as an interpreter.

Andrii Mudriievskyi.

Andrii has a university degree. Graduated with a gold medal from a specialized Ukrainian-English school in Dnipro in 1991. He first realized his strength in English when he won the 8th grade regional special schools’ English competition held every 4 years at the time. Andrii became a student at Dnipropetrovs’k State University, majoring in English and Psychology.

In his third year, he won a one-year trip to study in the United States from the US government and in 1994 went abroad for the first time. While in America, he realized that he had to “squeeze” more out of that business trip. After 2.5 years, he graduated with highest honors from Rowan University in New Jersey with a degree in psychology.

While studying in the United States, he gained experience working in a joint project with the NASA aerospace agency as a psychologist, preparing a questionnaire for the US population to identify understanding of the problem of urban sprawl that eats up fertile land around cities. And as a déjà vu, as a translator, in 2018, Andrii accompanied Michael Hess, the operations manager of one of NASA’s centers, on a working trip to Dnipro, with visits and negotiations at Yuzhmash and KBU.


After returning to Ukraine in 1996, he collaborated with prominent Dnipro businessmen who were just starting their “star” career: Sergiy Kasianov, Valeriy Kiptyk, and Vadym Yermolaiev. Together with these entrepreneurs and their partners from Turkey, as a translator and assistant, he built Olvia-Beta, a company that, having become a leader in the household chemicals market, was later sold to the American Procter & Gamble for a record $100+ million.

In 1998, Andriy worked in Cyprus as an export manager of Ukrainian rolled metal products and machine building for the Middle East for the Ukrainian company Davis Investment. He remembers an interesting business trip to Iran together with the management of the export department of the Sumy Frunze Scientific and Production Association plant.

In 2001, Andriy was invited to join aviation by the then head of the Dnipro office of Austrian Airlines, Beate Schober. 

After 3 years in his new field, Andrii became the head of the airline’s representative office, first in Dnipro and then in Kharkiv. In 2005, Austrian Airlines decided to open a direct flight from Vienna to Donetsk, and Andrii was appointed as the head of the office there, and work began on recruiting staff and building an office in Donetsk. Andrii and his team successfully coped with this task as well, building strong partnerships.

Andrii became the author of the Partners&More loyalty program for travel agencies in the region, which was later adopted by all Austrian Airlines, and Andrii was invited to Vienna and then to Montenegro to share his experience in preparing and implementing this program.

One of the landmark events of that time was a PR campaign dedicated to babtizing one of the Austrian Airlines fleet aircraft with the name “Dnipropetrovs’k” attended by the city’s management and leading businessmen.

babtysing aircraft in the name of dnipropetrovsk

In 2011, after 10 years of dedicated work with the Austrians, Andrii was bought out by Aerosvit offering 4X. Andrii accepted, effectively continuing to be responsible for all of Eastern Ukraine, but now in Ukrainian colors. Unfortunately, Aerosvit went out of business a few years later. Then came four more years with Air Arabia and UIA.

During his work in aviation, Andriy Mudrievsky made numerous TV appearancespublished expert opinions in various media, become a columnist and member of the editorial board of Profiles magazine (where he writes in a regular column “For a Drug-Free Life with Andrii Mudriievskyi”), and held leadership positions in business clubs and associations (Chairman of the Board of the European Business Association in Dnipro, Member of the Board of the Business Class and Develop Your Business clubs), actively involved in charity, and received awards from the regional authorities.

travels with various businessmen to a number of countries. Ukraine’s first cottage neighborhood, Golden Keys, built according to the standards of the Canadian integrated urban planning, started after a week-long business trip of prominent Dnipro entrepreneurs to three Canadian cities accompanied by an interpreter, Andrii Mudriievskyi.

Since then, Andrii Mudriievskyi’s personal brand VIRTUOZO has been embracing all spheres of his professional activity in the form of a business concierge service that offered more comprehensive customer service in the areas of translation, tourism and advertising, and, later, insurance.

Interesting and rewarding were the trips to Scotland (three summers running) and Singapore as an interpreter for business students of the Edinburgh Business School.

Visit to Singapore with Edinburgh Business School students

In 2013, Andrii led a trip of the largest Ukrainian tour operators to Mauritius.

Since then, Andrii’s translation activities have only expanded, with projects of ongoing cooperation with Interpipe becoming significant (for more than 15 years, he has been interpreting for visitors and clients of the largest metallurgical group in Dnipro and Nikopol, meetings of supervisory boards, memorable trips with simultaneous interpretation on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and a visit to Mardan Palace in Turkey for the company’s largest global clients),

interpipe summer

DTEK (coal conferences for three years in a row), and, of course, he is especially proud of his long-term ongoing cooperation with Privatbank, which began after nationalization and has expanded over the past three years to 3-5 times a week online translation of meetings of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and specialized committees.

In 2014, Andrii was elected to the Board of KSG Agro, a Luxembourg-based agricultural holding, which means that his understanding of agricultural issues continues to grow. Together with the Chairman of the Management Board, he organized joint trips to establish exports of the agricultural holding’s products to Europe and the Middle East. At the same time, translation cooperation with APK-Inform, the leader in the market of agricultural information services in the CIS countries, is growing, and Andrii is already invited to translate not only during offline agricultural conferences in Ukraine, but also online events in the CIS.

In 2016, Andrii discovered a new field of life insurance, and in 2020 he became one of the Directors of the representative office at the German financial services group OVB. Together with his English-speaking Partner from Germany, Konrad Schinske, he implements European standards in financial consulting in Ukraine, publishing articlesspeaking to various audiences, and translating for his Partner.

In 2021, AndriI was accepted into the all-Ukrainian BOARD community as a mentor, which is extremely honorable, as the members of this community are experienced businessmen of the country. AndriI MudriIevskyI has repeatedly moderated events for community members in English.

Moderating Board Community get together in English

This year was also marked by another landmark project, when AndriI was assigned to accompany American TV journalists during the all-day trip of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Kryvyi Rih and Dnipro.

President Zelensky in Dnipro

During russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the number of translation/interpretations projects increased many times thanks to Andriy’s active participation in the work of foreign journalists (Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the United States), the location of various UN agencies offices (UNHCR, UNDP, IOM), charitable foundations, and the IRC in Dnipro, and visits to Dnipro by representatives of friendly countries who support Ukraine and thus bring our Victory closer.

Helping acting Governor meet high UN officials

Almost real-time reporting on translation/interpretation projects on Andrii Mudriievskyi’s Facebook page

To be continued!

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