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Blessed with feedback

Mr. Andriy Mudrievsky worked with us as a partner in English translations in many Cultural Hub’s institutional programmes and projects [in Dnipro: Tour De Gra corp., Jazz For Streets, Jazz For Business, I Coworking Hub, I Cultural Business Education Hub] from 2013 to 2020.

Among the Dnipro HuSS [Humanities and Social Sciences] communities longest-lasting, most influential on the culture, it’s worth mentioning:

Conferences and workshops programme of the independent TEDx team (CA, USA—DNIPRO, UKR) in Dnipro.

The international unconferences and barcamps Pecha Kucha Nights (TOKYO, JAPAN—DNIPRO, UKR) programme in Dnipro.

Seminars and mentoring sessions in the U Open University, IT I Business Incubator, UN OSCE World Cafes in Ukraine | Dnipro chapter, SEEN (Social Entrepreneurship Education Network) in Dnipro.

Every time Mr. Andriy and the Virtuoso team are not just translators, they are partners.

Demyan Om

Cultural Hub Council Director, Founding President

We have been working with Andrii for many years, despite the high competition in Kyiv (or the possibility to choose). Super professional translation on our international tours (Singapore, Stockholm), at business meetings with Swedish business. We are impressed not only by the level and coverage of highly specialized topics, but also by Andrii’s energy and resilience. We also often use his translation services. We can emphasize the high level of business ethics and a sense of the necessary tone of voice.

Ihor Gut

Co-founder of the Swedish-Ukrainian project DYB [Develop Your Business]

I have been working with Andrii Mudriievskyi for many years. He is a top-class simultaneous interpreter! Andrii has repeatedly translated speeches of foreign speakers: top managers of the financial sector invited by Business Format to participate in international conferences. Andrii is not just the best translator, but also a very professional and reliable business partner. I definitely recommend him!

Karolina Aleksandrova

Co-founder, Director at Business Format

We have been working with Virtuozo Translations for many years, both at online and offline events. The quality and speed of translation is very high. Both we and conference participants are satisfied. We recommend them!

Iryna Ozip

Marketing Director at APK-Inform Agency

For many years, the plant in Dnipro has been an industrial mecca for representatives of various Embassies, such as Spain, Canada, China, Argentina, Malaysia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Azerbaijan and Argentina, economic advisors and officials. 

Guests who visit us are always pleasantly surprised by the modern organization of production processes, high-tech equipment, product quality control, and the high level of AXOR’s management. We have repeatedly conducted tours of the plant for guests and celebrations with the help of an interpreter, Andrii Mudriievskyi. We thank Andrii for making the guests feel very comfortable and no one had any language barriers.

Olena Kreknina

Marketing Director at AXOR

Many thanks to Mr. Andriy for his cooperation with our radio station! When interviewing English-speaking guests, it is quite difficult to switch from one language to another, and it will be strange for the listeners), but when you have a real professional working with you, everything goes smoothly. Thank you for what you have already done and we are looking forward to seeing new guests and, of course, Andrii.

Dmytro Startsev

Head and host at Informator FM

Virtuozo has been our regular translation partner for many years. Andrii and Volodymyr are indispensable in translating complex technical texts, as well as presentations and articles for the media. They have repeatedly acted as simultaneous interpreters during visits of English-speaking guests to the production site. The quality of translation is always at the highest level.

Liudmyla Novak

Communications Director at Interpipe

We used the services of Andrii Mudriievskyi as an interpreter during the official visit of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of a European country to the Dnipropetrovs’k region. We are very satisfied! It’s not the first time we’ve worked together, always a high level of translation, excellent pronunciation. We always feel confident during communication thanks to Andrii’s professional translation!

When we needed an interpreter for a meeting with our partners, we decided to contact Andrii. The outcome of negotiations largely depends on the professionalism of the interpreter, which is why we are very happy to have such cooperation! Andrii Mudriievskyi takes a responsible approach to the translation process, and you can feel that he cares about what he is doing. We wish you further creative development and will continue to contact you in the future!

We ordered a written translation from Andrii, he did it quickly and professionally. Thank you for your help! We highly recommend him as a reliable and professional specialist.

Oleksandr Raksha

Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Department of Dnipropetrovs'k Regional State Administration

I worked with Virtuozo in 2018, 2019 and 2021. In 2018 and 2019, DTEK and Donetskstal (I was the responsible person) organized international conferences at Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University. These conferences were attended by such organizations and companies as: Representatives of the European Commission, the President and Secretary General of EURACOAL, the Polish GIG Institute, ENELEX, the Freiburg Mining Academy, representatives from the DPRK and other representatives of international and Ukrainian institutions and companies participating in the conferences… All the participants expressed their deep gratitude to me for organizing these events and, in particular, for the high-quality simultaneous interpretation…

In 2021, another international conference was held in Kyiv, for which I undoubtedly invited Andrii to help organize…

This conference was attended by ALL the above-mentioned organizations and representatives, and for the first time in Ukraine, the EURACOAL General Assembly was held with simultaneous interpretation by Andrii! Virtuozo also cooperates with the Dnipro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (this organization, represented by its Vice President, recommended these performers to me) and helped me a lot with the equipment for that event at a very attractive price.

Anton Korol'


We have been cooperating with this company’s specialists, especially Andrii Mudriievskyi, for three years now. We have ordered translations of varying degrees of complexity (technical manuals, specifications, certificates, etc.). We are very pleased with the professional approach, reliability, efficiency and attention to customers. We recommend the VIRTUOZO as a professional team capable of solving the Customer’s tasks at a high level!

Tetiana Savytska

PE "Kiddy-KO", TM "ideyka"

We have been cooperating with Virtuozo for more than 10 years as Jansen Capital Management, a business consulting company, Lexus Dnipro and Porsche Dnipro car dealerships, and Stikon construction company (Odesa). We are always confident in the highest quality, speed, and confidentiality of the execution of orders. We have repeatedly assigned written tasks, ordered simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in Dnipro, Kyiv and Odesa. We are impressed by the depth of understanding of the translation topic, regardless of the area of work, be it business consulting, personnel assessment, construction, or automotive. We know that for Virtuozo, responsibility comes first. When we have Virtuozo with us, we are confident that everything will be done at the highest level.

Zhanna Kryuchkova, co-owner

Due to the specifics of the European Business Association’s work, we hold many meetings with the participation of foreign guests and speakers, who are representatives of business and diplomatic circles, and I am so glad every time that I do not have a headache of finding a professional and reliable interpreter with whom we are comfortable working and in whom we can be sure! And yes, this person is a professional with a capital P. Andrii Mudriievskyi 🙂 Always with high quality, responsibility and confidence! We are glad to have many years of cooperation and definitely recommend him!

Kateryna Prysyazhnyuk

Head of the EBA Dnipro Office

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